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Sofia Rodriguez

played by Aimee Carrero
Character Biography

Sofia is Gabi’s pretty, sharp-witted roommate and best friend. She’s an ambitious career girl who’s determined to do more than fetch coffee for the senior partners at her firm. Sofia is thrilled about Gabi’s potential job with Josh because it means she’ll have access to his insanely wealthy circle of potential clients, but no matter what happens, Sofia will keep encouraging her friend to follow her dreams.

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Actor Biography

Aimee Carrero was born in Miami, Florida. Aimee started doing theatre at the age of 14 and has been pursuing acting ever since. She graduated from Florida International University with a degree in International Relations. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2009.

Over the years, Aimee has appeared on ABC Family with roles on Lincoln Heights, Greek and Baby Daddy. She was a series regular on Cartoon Network’s Level Up. She appeared in her first off-Broadway show What Rhymes with America in 2012.

She has also guest starred on shows such as Hannah Montana, The Mentalist, The MiddleZeke and Luther and Return to the Blue Lagoon. Most recently, Aimee has been shooting a recurring arc on FX’s The Americans.

Aimee is fluent in Spanish, was a member of her college’s award winning Model UN team and plays guitar.

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