Season 1

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The Fosters: a one-hour drama about a multi-ethnic family mix of foster and biological kids being raised by two moms. Stef and her partner Lena have built a close-knit, loving family with Stef's biological son from a previous marriage, Brandon, and their adopted twins, Mariana and Jesus. But how will things change when they meet troubled teen Callie and her little brother Jude?
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Expires Tomorrow

Ep 01 Pilot

Callie, a 16-year-old girl fresh out of juvenile hall, goes to live in the care of Lena and her partner Stef and their kids.

43:28 06/03/13 Season 1 TV-14 V,L,D
Expires Tomorrow

Ep 04 Quinceanera

Everyone is celebrating Mariana's quinceanera, and the secret Jesus has been hiding comes to light, which causes tension between Mariana and Lexi.

42:55 06/24/13 Season 1 TV-14 D,L

Ep 10 I Do

The Fosters are getting married, but Stef is not as involved as a stressed out Lena would like.

08/05/13 Season 1 TV-14 V,S,D