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S2 E03 Duel Between Two Women

01/21/13 | TV-14 | CC

Melody finds out about the divide between the deaf and hearing students and forces everyone to go on a weekend retreat. Regina finds out from her doctor that she can never sign or cut hair again at the risk of losing all feeling in her hand. Toby runs into Lana at the mechanic and has to take her to the hospital when she starts having Braxton-Hicks contractions. Toby learns Lana plans on putting the baby up for adoption.

Noah, Bay's new hearing friend at Carlton, confides in Bay that he has Meniere’s Disease and when Emmett sees them bonding during the retreat, he’s visibly upset. Kathryn talks politics during a radio interview, which has negative repercussions on John and his campaign. Regina tells a very hurt Daphne that she can never sign again, and Melody calls Regina out for faking her injury. Bay and Natalie come to a truce during the retreat. Bay tells Emmett she needs him as a friend right now, but Emmett doesn’t want to be just friends.

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