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S1 E21 The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

03/13/12 | TV-14 | CC

Emmett comes to Bay's house to apologize for their fight. They make up, and Bay asks Daphne to help her figure out a birthday present for Emmett. The girls team up to make a deaf zombie movie for his birthday. Bay tries to rent the video equipment from her school, but Simone already has it checked it out. However, when Bay asks Simone if she can borrow the equipment, she agrees. While shooting the movie, Wilke sees Simone's texts from Emmett and learns that they slept together. Simone begs him not to tell anyone, and Wilke agrees for now.

Meanwhile, Kathryn and Regina work together in the search for Angelo. The two mothers bond, and Regina agrees to share her part of the story in the book about the switch. Emmett confides in Melody about what happened with Simone, and he makes up with her.

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