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Season 5

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager: The teens at Grant High are living life in the fast lane. Between their love triangles, secrets, drama, accusations, gossip, confusion, and scandalous rumors, there's never a dull moment. The he-said, she-said gets intense! Their parents' lives are just as complicated. From paternity questions to happy reunions and unexpected romances (past and present), there's always something going on. You can't stop watching, because you've just gotta know what'll happen next.
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Ep 20 First and Last

Amy and Ricky set a date for their wedding while Grace has second thoughts about her engagement to Jack.

42:24 05/06/13 Season 5 TV-14 D

Ep 17 Fraid So

While Amy and Grace are visiting colleges, Jack finally sees a therapist and Ricky tries to take care of John.

42:35 04/15/13 Season 5 TV-14 D

Ep 16 Shiny and New

Amy's decision to tour a college campus in New York strains her relationship with Ricky.

41:25 04/08/13 Season 5 TV-14 D

Ep 14 It's A Miracle

Omar proposes to Adrian and Ethan convinces Kathy's parents to let her move back to California.

42:25 03/25/13 Season 5 TV-14

Ep 13 To Each Her Own

Everyone dislikes Amy's dress. Ricky believes her dress is an indication of her feelings to marry him. Meanwhile, Ethan pleads with Kathy's parents to let her stay.

43:24 03/18/13 Season 5 TV-14

Ep 11 Half Over

Jack remains in the hospital; Ricky discusses the wedding with George.

42:47 08/27/12 Season 5 TV-14 V,D

Ep 10 Regrets

Adrian and Omar think about moving in together; Anne starts to plan Amy's wedding.

41:27 08/20/12 Season 5 TV-14 D,L,V