S5 E03 I Do and I Don't

06/25/12 | TV-14 | CC

First day back at Grant High with the new addition of Dylan and her private school classmates. There’s a big flash mob at school to congratulate Amy on her nuptials. Ricky starts to feel guilty about telling everyone they are married, especially when Leo hands him a generous wedding present and offers him a full time job with the company when he graduates.

Katelyn asks Amy to mentor an incoming freshman, Kathy, who also happens to be six months pregnant. Omar starts teaching at Grant High. Ben’s starts to crack, he tells Amy he loves her and calls Omar a pervert. Adrian and Ricky discover they have freshman English together. A homesick Jacob goes home. Ashley tells Toby he’s coming with her to Italy. Amy and Ricky watch their wedding DVD, which reveals that they ran out of their wedding because they hired a crazy preacher.

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