S4 E22 The Text Best Thing

05/21/12 | TV-14 | CC

Amy tells Ricky about her conversation with Ben at the pizza shop and is surprised when he is not upset.  Amy sets her wedding date for the fourth of July. While word spreads via text of the Independence Day nuptials, Nora warns George that getting involved with Kathleen again could be messy.

Dylan and her friends decide Ben should transfer to their school. Alice decides to befriend Henry, and together they reach out to Ben.  Jack asks Grace to give him a chance while Omar asks Adrian to commit to him for a year. Leo tells Camille he absolutely doesn’t want any more kids, and she seems okay with it. Grace is worried about Kathleen falling for George again, and Kathleen tells her a secret: Anne is gay. Amy is angry with George when the rumor about Anne spreads like wildfire.

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