S4 E13 And Circumstance

09/05/11 | TV-14 | CC

Grace helps Jack write a speech for graduation. John keeps saying the word “ring” to Amy. Amy starts a rumor at school that Ricky is going to propose. Ben takes Adrian out for a celebratory meal and tells her to give up on Ricky. George and Anne sleep together, but George calls them “friends” afterwards. Ricky proposes to Amy during his valedictorian speech. All the kids arrive at Jesse’s lake house for the graduation party. There are some old and new faces like Griffin and Peter; and Wendy, Raven, Mercedes, and Dylan from a different high school. Raven turns out to be Daniel’s ex-girlfriend. Ricky and Amy make a grand entrance into the party and Ricky kisses Adrian in front of everyone for one last time. Omar is upset with Adrian for kissing Ricky and Daniel is upset that his ex-girlfriend is there -- so they both leave without Adrian and Grace. The morning after, Lauren finds Madison in bed with her boyfriend Jesse ... and Alice finds Adrian with Henry! Ben and Dylan hit it off, and he’s happy to hear that she’s still a virgin.

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