S4 E10 4-1-1

08/15/11 | TV-14 | CC

Amy and Ricky are broken up because Amy listened to Ricky's voicemail from Adrian behind his back. Ethan (the foster kid) comes to Ricky for help when he gets in trouble with the authorities for texting a nude picture of his ex-girlfriend to his classmates. Ben tells Adrian she can live in their condo until she graduates college, she surprisingly makes out with him. Amy finds out she's not the only person who checks people's phone message, George, Madison, and Lauren all admit to it, eventually so does Ricky. Grace offers to set Adrian up with one of Daniel's friends so she lays off Ricky. Ashley and Toby turn down another job for experimental testing. Adrian hooks up with a guy in Daniel's apartment building, Dante. Amy and Ricky make up even though Adrian is relentless with her texts to Ricky.

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