S1 E23 And Unto Us, a Child Is Born

03/23/09 | TV-14 | CC

Amy's sleeping soundly in the hospital, with George, Anne, Ashley, and Ben crowded around her bed. Ben's talking about videotaping the birth, but Ashley isn't too thrilled about that idea. And while Amy inches closer to that final moment, the rest of the Grant High clan loses patience and abandons the waiting room for a coffee break.

Except for Ricky and Ben, that is. Ben hands the camera to Ashley to tape the big moment, while he starts hyperventilating. And while Ricky helps Ben calm down, he starts to choke up, thinking about all his past mistakes. Now it's Ben's turn to help Ricky calm down, as the two start discussing their future together. It'll be tricky at best, what with Amy and the baby and who's supposed to play daddy. Despite Ricky's doubts, Ben seems to think that, together, the two of them will make a pretty good father. Yeah, we'll see about that ... .

Later, when Adrian gets back from her coffee run, Ricky finally apologizes to her for all the stuff that's happened between them in the past. She wishes him the best and offers him anything she has to give. But, while things between those two are still up in the air (are they in love? are they not in love?), Grace gets closure from Ricky once and for all: He apologizes for the past, and Grace lets him in on her future ... with Jack. Ricky says he still thinks she could do better. But Grace is pretty sure about Jack, and she's also sure Ricky and Adrian are meant for each other. The real question, though: What does Ricky think?

And in various corners of the hospital, Alice and Henry are finally making up by making out, while Grace and Jack are making a promise to try to make it work this time -- minus the sex. While those couples are getting back together, Amy's giving birth to her baby boy. Though everyone, from Donovan to Madison to Ben, visits the newborn, it's Ricky, the proud father, who settles down with him bedside while Amy falls asleep.

Back at the Juergens household, George and Ashley are getting ready to make the big move together -- away from Anne, away from the house they've both known and loved, and into ... the house next door? Yep, the newly separated George and Anne are going to be neighbors, which means big sis and little sis won't be far from each other either. And for once, Anne loves George's sneaky plotting.

In Adrian's condo, on the other hand, Ruben pays her a visit. As we all know, she slept with her stepbrother Max and broke his heart. Poor Max! Well, at least Ruben breaks the news that that whole military-school thing was just a hollow threat. But he also tells Adrian he's left his other family, once and for all. Now it looks like both father and daughter need to do a little quality bonding to figure out each other -- and themselves.

Over at the hospital, an exhausted Ben says his goodbyes to Amy, while Ashley steps in and names the boy: John. Aww.

Once Amy, John, and all the Juergenses go back home, it's life as usual ... well, almost. Amy's too lazy -- exhausted? -- to heat baby formula properly, so Anne steps in reluctantly. Meanwhile, George and Ashley are cooking up grandiose plans, like buying a motorcycle and a dog, and Anne's new flame, architect David Johnson, stops in to give his congratulations to Amy ... and his love to Anne. Wow, newly single Anne and David slept together on the first date? Wonder if they'll really be ready to talk having kids together by the third?

And finally, in the halls of Grant High, it's kind of life as usual too. Jack and Grace are back together, Alice and Henry are happier than ever, and Ben is back in Marc Molina's office, just like he was on the first day of school -- except this time, he's talking about playing dad with Ricky and the baby. Oh, but he's still a virgin. Guess some things don't change, after all.

But where's Ricky through all of this? Lonely Adrian looks around the hall at all the happy couples and wonders the same thing, but we know where to find him -- right by sleeping Amy's side, looking after the baby. Looks like he might actually slip into his new role just fine ....

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