S1 E12 The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager

01/05/09 | TV-14 | CC

The Juergens household is going through major changes: Not only does Anne want a divorce from George, she's also looking for a job. Unfortunately, this means Amy has to take care of herself now, and that her mother won't be home to take care of the baby for her. So she decides to do something "grown-up": get fake IDs with Ben and elope, without permission from any of their parents.

Grace, on the other hand, IS getting Kathleen's permission to date Ricky, probably because Marshall isn't there to stop it. He's vanished on a mysterious "golfing trip" and won't be back for a couple of days. In the meantime, Tom's also got himself a new date: He and new neighbor Tammy hit it off. Like, really hit it off. Steamy!

So what will Ricky and Grace do on their first real date? Why, they're going to Amy and Ben's secret wedding, of course! Same as everyone else they hang out with, because school nerd Joe is hooking them all up with fake IDs so they can either get married (Amy and Ben) or drink at the reception (though it turns out there wasn't any booze there after all!). The guests include: Madison and Lauren as the co-maids of honor, Henry and Ashley on their first date, Jack and Alice (who swap a little tongue before the ceremony), and Tom and Tammy (who can't stop swapping tongue).

Meanwhile, George has decided to get his own place ... so he takes over the garage. And, over at the Lee household, Cindy's made big plans to have dinner with Ruben to "discuss Adrian's future." But could it lead to something more for the onetime lovers? Adrian thinks it just might, so she's letting them start dinner without her while she goes to the wedding. Once there, she slides her slinky self in right next to Ricky — and Grace, who's sitting on the other side of loverboy, is super-annoyed.

Finally, at the cheap chapel, with Ashley and Henry as the witnesses and all their friends and siblings watching, Ben and Amy say their vows. And the rest is yet to come ....

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