Tom Bowman

played by Luke Zimmerman
Character Biography

Tom is Grace Bowman's older brother. He has Down Syndrome, so you might think Grace would be protective of him -- but it's usually the other way around. Ever since his adoptive dad died, Tom's called himself "the man of the house," and he's suspicious of any guy Grace -- or Kathleen! -- brings home. He's pretty good at figuring out what someone's all about when he first meets them, but he sometimes holds a grudge and can be hotheaded, as Jack learned the hard way. How will he deal with his new stepdad, Jeff? We're not sure where he is with Tammy these days, but his mom's having a hard time figuring out when to offer guidance. What will Tom do next? And then there's that little matter of his serious crush on Adrian.  

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Actor Biography

Playing Tom Bowman on The Secret Life of the American Teenager is Luke's first role as a series regular, but he's previously appeared on TV in Daughter of the Streets and All for ONE. Also a theater vet, Luke trained at the Performing Arts Studio West in Inglewood, California; he played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and sang in the chorus of Pippin -- both in Beverly Hills. When he's not acting, Luke likes to play football, swim and practice tae kwon do.

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