Ricky Underwood

played by Daren Kagasoff
Character Biography

It's been a while since Ricky lived up (or down) to his bad-boy rep. Let's review: He's been a totally responsible dad to baby John. He's moved into his own place and been earning his own way (thanks to Leo on both counts), and he contributes whatever cash he can to John's upbringing. True, he did run away for a few days and freak everyone out -- but he had a motive: to find his mom and confront her about his childhood trauma. Things have also been rocky with Adrian, and he's not happy with Ben about that disastrous hookup. But Ricky played a part in that; after all, he did kiss Amy for "practice," which is why Adrian and Ben shared a furious agenda that night. But now that Ricky and Amy are sharing custody of John, they seem a lot ... friendlier. How friendly? Time will tell. And he's still Ricky; will this model-citizen thing last?

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Actor Biography

Born and raised in Encino, California (dad's a wholesale diamond dealer and mom's a designer), Daren is the second of three children. While attending San Francisco State University, he decided to follow his dream of being an actor, so he headed back to L.A. He defied all the odds at one of his first auditions, when 7th Heaven creator Brenda Hampton handpicked him -- from among hundreds of other actors -- for his breakout role as Ricky in her new series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

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