Ken Baumann

plays Ben Boykewich
Actor Biography

Ken started acting at the age of 11 in New York and Texas. He moved to L.A. at age 14 and almost immediately landed a role as one of the leads in a pilot for Fox alongside Alan Ruck and Kristen Johnston, penned by famed playwright Nicky Silver. In 2008, he appeared in Whore (rated R) with Megan Fox and Johanna E. Braddy (aka Jordan on Greek). More recently, Ken shot the as-yet-unrated film Spring Break '83, which features John Goodman, Jamie Kennedy, and Joe Pantoliano. Ken was born in Urbana, Illinois, and grew up in Abilene, Texas, where his family still owns and operates a miniature-horse ranch and wildlife rescue.

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Character Biography

Ben's not the same hesitant boy he used to be. He's had a glammy Italian girlfriend, he's kind of dating Grace, and he even had sex with Adrian ... for all the wrong reasons. Which may lead to the biggest complication yet in his young life. Even so, he decided to tell Amy he'll always love her, which begs the question: Who's more confused? Working in Leo's butcher shop has led to him being friends with Ricky, which has been good. On the home front, Ben has a new stepmom in Betty, but he's also having a lot more tension with his dad. What's next in the Sausage Kingdom?

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