Jack Pappas

played by Greg Finley
Character Biography

Jack, the star of the football team, is a devoted Christian who's super-serious about athletics. His heart may be in the right place, but his head isn't always so clear, which may explain why he cheated on Grace with Adrian and later Madison. Now that Grace has told him they're done, he's dating Madison more or less full-time. He probably thought that would be easier than dating Grace, but Madison is a handful, with lots of ideas and requirements. For example, she says he's not allowed to talk to Grace anymore -- and that's a rule he keeps breaking. One thing about Jack, he's always on the move.

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Actor Biography

This Portland, Maine, native has come a long way since he dropped out of college. In 2005, Greg packed up and moved to L.A. without a plan or any connections, totally set on fulfilling his dream of becoming an actor. Now he's not only appearing in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, he's also written his first screenplay, Danny Boy, which is currently in preproduction. And look for him in the 2008 short feature Graduation Day with former CBS news anchor Dan Rather (not rated).

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