Grace Bowman

played by Megan Park
Character Biography

Perky, lovable, wholesome Grace is the former cheerleader every guy wants but none can have. Whether it's in cheerleading, dating, school (she's already plotting med school), or at home, Grace is a Type-A perfectionist. But her world isn't so clear-cut anymore. She had a hard time after her dad died, and she blamed herself for causing it (by having sex with longtime BF Jack), but she seems to have gotten past the worst. Now she's sworn off Jack forever and decided to date Ben. Which would be easier if her BFF Adrian hadn't hooked up with Ben one fateful night -- despite Grace's pleas. Meanwhile, Grace is not happy with her mom, because Kathleen's just remarried, less than a year after losing Marshall. Looks like Grace has some challenges ahead

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Actor Biography

Megan starred in the feature film Charlie Bartlett, opposite Anton Yelchin and Robert Downey Jr. Her other feature credits include Some Things That Stay, Kaw, and The Butcher's Daughter. Megan has starred in the Canadian series Ace Lightning, Blobheads, and Life With Derek as well as the comedy pilot In Molly's Opinion and the Emmy-winning and Gemini-nominated series Dark Oracle. She also guest-starred in an episode of Lifetime's Angela's Eyes. Speaking of Lifetime, Megan was in two movies on that channel: She's Too Young, opposite Marcia Gay Harden, and The Road to Christmas, with Jennifer Grey. She was also in the ABC telefilm This Time Around. Megan was born in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, but she grew up in London, Ontario, and now lives in L.A. Did you know she's in a band called Frank & Derol with Codi Caraco and Brandi Cyrus (Miley's sis)?

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