Ashley Juergens

played by India Eisley
Character Biography

Ashley may be Amy's younger sis, but this little firecracker isn't afraid to call Amy out on her mistakes -- or speak her mind on anything else. Sharp and funny, with a rebellious sense of style and a killer dry wit, Ashley's often the first to smell trouble in the Juergens household. She usually sides with George when the house is divided, but now that she's going to the same school as Amy, we're seeing how she deals with her peers. Her gay best friend, Griffin, set her up with his cousin Grant, who's totally smitten with Ashley. But he's more experienced than she is, and he keeps pushing, ever so gently, for more action. What will Ashley do? Also, her close connection with Ricky bears further examination.

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Actor Biography

Both of India's folks are actors, so it's no surprise she joined the family business. Her mom is Olivia Hussey (Romeo & Juliet, Jesus of Nazareth), and her dad is musician/actor David Glen Eisley (90210, Dirty White Boy, SpongeBob SquarePants). At a very young age, India won small parts in various independent films shot primarily in Europe, but The Secret Life of the American Teenager marks her first big role.

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