Alice Valko

played by Amy Rider
Character Biography

Alice is Henry's girlfriend and one of Ben's closest friends and confidants. She's super-smart and always has a statistic or two handy for any situation, including sex. She advises Ben about his love life, because sometimes he really needs a female view. Now that she and Henry are together, they geek out in virtual worlds online, even when they're sitting right next to each other. Who else could they do that with?      

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Actor Biography

Amy's career is really taking off with her role as Alice on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. She's previously guest-starred on Big Shots, Frank TV, Veronica Mars, and Without a Trace, and she had a part in a mobisode series called 24: Conspiracy, which promoted the fourth season of the show 24. She can also be seen in two forthcoming films, Fast Glass and Privileged (both not yet rated).

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