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Aria Montgomery

played by Lucy Hale
Character Biography
Aria Montgomery is back in Rosewood after being in Iceland for a year. It might as well have been a lifetime because Aria suddenly feels like an outsider in her hometown. She's reconnecting with her old friends, but only time will tell if their secrets will bond them together or tear them apart. Luckily, Aria has a great relationship with her mom, but even her near-perfect family has its secrets. Aria has one of her own that's too dangerous to share with anyone – so how can it be that "A" is already on to her?
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Actor Biography

Lucy Hale stars as Aria Montgomery, the artsy chameleon who is an old soul stuck in high school. She is deeply in love with Ezra, her former high school English teacher, but being with the one she loves is easier said than done – especially when that love is tearing her family apart and destroying Ezra's career.

Hale recently starred in the critically acclaimed series Privileged and in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, opposite Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn. Filming of the latter took her to locations including the Greek island of Santorini, New York and Connecticut.

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Hale realized a passion for music at an early age and began voice lessons in earnest at the age of nine. In addition to her home schooling, she enrolled in Independent Education acting classes and began to combine her talents for both singing and acting. She appeared on American Juniors, finishing in the top five and becoming a member of the band that was formed at the show's conclusion. Her positive experience on the program inspired her to seriously pursue a career in entertainment.

Hale could recently be seen in the telefilm Sorority Wars, alongside Courteney Thorne-Smith, and in guest-starring roles in the series Private Practice and CSI: Miami. Other television credits include an impressive list of popular shows, including How I Met Your Mother, The O.C., Drake & Josh and American Family. Hale also starred in the recent incarnation of The Bionic Woman as Becca Sommers, the sister of Jamie Sommers. She resides in Southern California.

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