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Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Lisa, a 27-year-old in Los Angeles, is forced to take a job with a company that provides entertainment at birthday parties. It's a ragtag group of outcasts, but thanks to their hard-partying ways, Lisa fits right in with them. Lisa postpones adulthood for as long as possible, until one of her co-workers falls for her and makes her question every decision she's ever made…

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    S1 E1 New Princess In Town

    There's a new employee in Fay's Party Co. and Lisa shows her how to survive a Beverly Hills kids' birthday party.

    06:2411/01/16Season 1TV-MA
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    S1 E2 Bear Suit Dance-Off

    What's the worst part of working a kid's party? Wearing Fay's bear suit. Lisa and Shannon compete in a dance-off to see who wears the bear.

    06:2111/02/16Season 1TV-MA
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    S1 E3 Going Viral

    After her car breaks down, Lisa asks two girls at a lemonade stand, who happen to be internet famous, for help.

    06:1511/03/16Season 1TV-MA
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    S1 E4 The Magic Touch

    Chaos breaks out at an 89-year-old's birthday party when the rabbit from Phillip's magic act goes missing.

    06:3511/04/16Season 1TV-MA
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    S1 E5 Ex-Bee-FF

    At an infant's birthday party, Lisa plots to steal a mood ring back from a high school classmate and makes a shocking discovery.

    05:5211/05/16Season 1TV-MA
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    S1 E6 Two Truths and A Lie

    Still in mermaid costumes from a miserable party, Lisa and crew drink at a bar, and Eric makes a surprising confession.

    04:5911/06/16Season 1TV-MA
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    S1 E7 The Hook Up

    After a drunken confession of his feelings for her, Eric takes Lisa for a walk, then back to his place.

    05:1211/07/16Season 1TV-MA
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    S1 E8 Grilled Cheese Fiasco

    Shannon and Jim get high while working at a high school graduation party, and Lisa and Eric try to work through their feelings for one another.

    05:0811/08/16Season 1TV-MA
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    S1 E9 Party of One

    Phillip, Eric, and Lisa are sent to a party with one guest: the birthday celebrant, who forces them to role play as his friends.

    07:0711/09/16Season 1TV-MA
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    S1 E10 It's My Party

    It's Lisa's birthday! The gang from Fay's Party Co. plan a surprise party for her, but Eric has other ideas.

    05:3611/10/16Season 1TV-MA