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Joe Longo

played by Joey Lawrence

Character Biography

Joe, an unemployed commodities trader, is desperate for work. His life took a turn for the worse when his former employer, Mel's brother-in-law, left the country in a hurry due to a company scandal. Now his wife is leaving him and he has no place to live. All he has left is his Porsche... oh yeah, he's losing that too. In a last ditch attempt to stay afloat he's able to convince Mel to give him a chance as her new family's "manny."

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Actor Biography

Joey Lawrence has grown up in front of his fans and has successfully made the transition from teen icon to a legitimate actor. He continues to build his audience whether through film, television or performing live on stage.


Lawrence stars in the original comedy series "Melissa & Joey," co-starring with Melissa Joan Hart. Lawrence, along with Hart, are executive producers on the series. Last year Lawrence and Hart starred in the ABC Family Original Movie, "My Fake Fiancé," which was the No. 1 TV movie of the 2008/09 season in Women 18-34.


Later this year Lawrence hits the big screen with two feature films, "Hit List" and "Sinatra Club," with Jason Gedrick. Lawrence has also just sold a script to Disney with the producers of "The Wedding Crashers" entitled "Mr. Everything," which he will co-produce and star in and which is set to shoot in early 2011. When he is not in front of the camera, he is in the studio working on his latest up-tempo pop album, which is set to drop in 2011 as well.


Lawrence has long been a television favorite. He first began working at age six on "Gimme a Break" and followed that show with another hit TV series, "Blossom," in which he played Joey Russo, a dim-witted young man who frequently uttered the phrase "Whoa!," which became a national catchphrase.


Lawrence is married with two daughters and currently resides in Los Angeles.

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