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played by Dilshad Vadsaria
Character Biography
As a senator's daughter, Rebecca had no trouble getting into ZBZ, but things have been bumpy ever since. She made a powerful enemy when she faced off with Casey first over Evan and then over Cappie. Now that her father's been felled by a sex scandal, Bex is finding her own way. Since Pledge Week, she's had run ins with both Casey and Ashleigh over boyfriends and sorority politics more than a few times, but somehow she always works things out. As she comes into her own, will she ever find an (unattached) guy who's her equal?
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Actor Biography
After moving to the United States at the age of six, Dilshad spent her childhood in various parts of the country, including Chicago, IL, Richmond, VA and Philadelphia, PA. She Studied acting in New York and shortly after moving to Los Angeles, Dilshad landed the role of Rebecca on Greek. She has also had guest star appearances on Bones, CSI: Miami, the NBC Pilot Rex is Not Your Lawyer, NCIS and Vanished.

Dilshad recently adopted her very first puppy, a blue gray Staffordshire/Mastiff mix named Eloise. She also has a blue cat (breed: Chartreux) named Theophile, whom she affectionately calls Theo. In her spare time Dilshad enjoys skiing, reading, and being on the ocean. She is also very fond of traveling. In addition, Dilshad speaks conversational French, Gujarati and Urdu.
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