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played by Amber Stevens
Character Biography
Once upon a time, Ashleigh used to just be Casey's lightweight, true blue beffie, but now, as ZBZ president, she uses her sunny disposition as a way to keep the chapter together. But that's not always easy, when the pledges are mutinous, ZBZ is considered to be in "fourth ish" place on the Row, and the sisters just may have caused a massive fire. Well, a great guy helps ease the pain ... or does he make it worse? Whatever happens, we can always count on Ash's awesome style and easy smile to cast a ray of sunshine, because she's always looking up.
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Actor Biography
Most recently, Amber could be seen in the cheerleading movie "Fired Up." She also played a supporting role as a cheerleader in "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift." Her TV credits include "CSI" and "Complete Savages," along with an appearance on "The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson."

Amber's talents extend beyond acting: She's sung backup vocals on "American Idol" with such artists as Gladys Knight. She performs around L.A. and has started to record demo tracks that feature her own lyrics and vocals. In addition to her TV and film credits, she's landed national ad campaigns for Old Navy, Verizon, and Payless, and is the face of Soulmates clothing.

Born and raised in Southern California, Amber graduated from Beverly Hills High School as Student Body President. She's very close to her younger sister, who she considers her best friend. In her spare time, Amber enjoys writing music, cooking, and spending time with her family and her dog.
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