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Paris Geller

played by Liza Weil
Character Biography
Her self absorption is legendary, her way with words a marvel. Wherever Paris is, she sucks the oxygen out of the air, but there's something likeable about her. And if anyone can find it, it's Rory, who's has had to put up with her at both Chilton and Yale.
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Actor Biography
If genes can determine destiny, Liza Weil was probably always headed for a theatrical career. When other kids were playing hopscotch on the schoolyard, Liza was touring the world with her parents, members of the popular "The Mad House of London" comedy troupe. Liza was already well regarded for her acting skills ("The Miracle Worker," "ER") when she tried out for the part of Rory on "Gilmore Girls." Although she didn't seem like Rory to the producers, they liked what they saw so much they decided to keep her with the show.
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