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Logan Huntzberger

played by Matt Czuchry
Character Biography
Logan is the scion of a newspaper mogul and everything Rory is not. He's confident, at home with power, and always in the company of his entourage. Yale fits him, right down to his Prada shoes. Rory knows she should be careful; she's clearly out of her league. But Logan is so charming and cute, he's hard to resist, especially when he goes after what he wants. And what he wants is Rory.
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Actor Biography
Matt Czuchry (pronounced Zoo Cree) was already appearing in shows like the beloved "Freaks and Geeks" and "Young Americans," but he rose to new heights with fans because of his "Gilmore Girls" run. Interestingly, he wasn't slated to be a regular cast member, but the network was so impressed with his work they added him to the line up. This thrilled Matt to no end he'd been a fan for years.
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