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Leo Hendrie

played by Scott Michael Foster
Character Biography

The son of wealthy gubernatorial candidate Bruce Hendrie, Leo struggles with bitterness at living in his father’s shadow and being tethered to his family’s money. Leo has more in common with April than she might expect from their initial, rather unpleasant encounter, and as they get to know each other better, he’ll teach her a few valuable things about living.

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Actor Biography

From a young magazine editor looking for the truth behind worldwide mysteries on Zero Hour to an opportunist with a major complex on Californication and a lovable, zany guy living life to the fullest on Greek, Scott Michael Foster has brought to life some of the most versatile characters on television today.

Born in Illinois and raised in the Dallas, Texas, Foster knew from an early age that he wanted to be an actor. He grew up just outside of Chicago, until he was 12 years old, where his family lived on a farm and he was home schooled. When Foster's older sisters started to dabble in theatre, he immediately became interested in the entertainment world. Soon after moving to Dallas with his family, he chose theatre as an elective in middle school, pursued the arts in high school, and went on to study at the Quad C Theatre Program at Collin County Community College. In 2004, Foster decided to make the big move to Los Angeles.

Once in LA, Foster joined an acting class, met his manager, and started booking commercials. Soon after he landed several independent films and booked what would become his regular acting gig for the next five years: a series regular role starring as Cappie on the hit series Greek for ABC Family. While putting in time on Greek, Foster wrote, produced, and starred in his own script that he sold to Comedy Central entitled Neighbros. The show sold in 2010 for Fall's 2011 pilot season. Although the experience of putting together a show was something Foster loved, he decided to put all side projects on hold and focus on his acting. By the time Greek ended its run in 2011, Foster had made his mark at ABC/Disney through his work on the show and his relationship with the networks would continue to grow over the next several years.

Foster went on to score a handful of guest starring roles, including appearances on TNT's The Closer, NBC's Friends with Benefits, ABC Family's Melissa & Joey, NBC's Parenthood, and NBC's Law & Order: LA. In 2012, Foster had the opportunity to play characters that were far from the happy-go-lucky teen he portrayed on Greek. First he was seen in ten episodes of the hit Showtime series Californication opposite David Duchovny as Tyler, and then he went on to play Jonas Beckett in five episodes of ABC's Emmy nominated series The River. After filming The River, ABC enlisted Foster once again, casting him on Zero Hour opposite Anthony Edwards in 2013. Foster can be seen in the upcoming new series Chasing Life on ABC Family and Halt and Catch Fire on AMC.

Follow Scott Michael Foster on Twitter at @scottmfoster.

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