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S1 E11 You Wanna See Something?

43:44 | 01/07/13 | TV-14 | CC

After the Nutcracker performance that went horribly wrong, Fanny closes the dance studio. And with Michelle now gone from Paradise, she isn’t sure when she’s going to open it. With no more dance, Sasha, Boo, Melanie and Ginny are keeping busy doing other things.  Ginny is substituting as a realtor for her mother as she is struggles to cope with her ex-husband getting remarried. Boo is stuck at home babysitting her brother as her own mother announced that she’s pregnant again. Melanie is looking out for her grandfather, taking him to the Oyster Bar every day of the summer to play chess. Sasha snuck home early from Joffrey and is staying with friends so that she can avoid her parents who are still fighting. Michelle is back to being a cash-strapped, off-strip Vegas dancer for a mediocre magic show. Thankfully, after watching Michelle and Hubbell’s wedding video, Fanny comes to Vegas to take Michelle back to Paradise where she belongs.

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