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S1 E06 Movie Truck

41:19 | 07/23/12 | TV-14 | CC

Fanny decides to leave for a last-minute vacation, surprising Michelle with the expectation of teaching every class at the studio. But it’s Michelle’s birthday and her Vegas friend, Talia, arrives to celebrate in an epic fashion. And in an effort to distance herself from her current social circle, Truly manages to talk her way into joining in on the birthday festivities! The three women sneak into a local screening at the traveling movie truck and get a bit intoxicated -- except for Truly of course. The night surprisingly turns into a celebration that breaks into Michelle’s top ten birthday moments -- which is pretty impressive considering Michelle’s past birthdays.

Meanwhile, Boo, Sasha, Ginny and Melanie also sneak into the movie truck screening with the help of Melanie’s brother, Charlie. Boo, who still has a major crush on Charlie, manages to sit next to him on the crowded bleachers! Unfortunately, it totally backfires as he has a crush on another girl and asks Boo to write down that girl’s phone number for him. Poor Boo! Also, Sasha’s parents have an intense fight, which the girls overhear, leaving them aware of just how bad Sasha’s home life really is.

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