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S1 E05 Money for Nothing

41:50 | 07/16/12 | TV-14 | CC

It's bi-annual paying season for Fanny. All her receipts are haphazardly kept in hatboxes and categorized according to people who “should be,” “have to be,” and “might be" paid.  Local business owners panic about which category they are in. After Michelle convinces Fanny to go to a real accountant, she learns that Fanny hasn’t been charging the majority of her students for classes, forcing her finances to be a huge problem for her. Michelle takes it upon herself to ask all of the parents to start paying -- only to have it backfire by kids being pulled from the spring recital! After much apologizing and self-deprecation, Michelle convinces everyone to come back and perform for the festival.

Meanwhile, Boo gets a job at the local oyster bar. The manager hazes her into doing menial work like “dumpster jumping” and giving her all the bad tables. But despite a few negatives, the other girls are completely jealous of Boo when they see she’s working with Godot, a hot surfer dude who has returned to Paradise! Sasha is especially jealous when she notices that Boo and Godot are becoming friends.

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