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S3 E10 An Affair Not to Remember

03/26/14 | TV-PG | CC

A horrified Ben realizes that he dated Tucker’s new girlfriend, Stephanie (Kelsey Chow), and is convinced she’s only with Tucker to get back at Ben for their bad break-up. Riley is delighted when her boss, Ms. Jensen (Kym Whitley), finally asks her to participate in the firm’s spa day, but her joy is short-lived when Bonnie is also included in the outing. Riley knows Bonnie will embarrass her and ruin her chances at making partner, so she tries to disinvite Bonnie and enlists Stephanie to be her plus one instead. But when the boys crash their spa day in a misguided attempt to save Tucker’s relationship, it’s a case of mistaken identity when the very intimidating masseuse (Dot Marie Jones) puts them to work.

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