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Tucker Dobbs

played by Tahj Mowry

Character Biography
Tahj Mowry portrays Tucker Dobbs, Ben's buddy and roommate. Tucker is always making us laugh. But don't touch his food, or he'll probably make you cry!
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Actor Biography
Tahj Mowry knows a thing or two about comedy. As a toddler his mother/manager Darlene, would take him along to the set with his older twin sisters, Tia and Tamera, who starred in the hit comedy series, Sister, Sister. At the age of four, he began working in commercials and proved to be such a natural in front of the camera, he soon was in heavy demand.

Mowry made his TV debut guest starring on Who's The Boss? and later played a recurring role on Full House. He has also appeared on Friends, Sister, Sister, Disney's animated series, Aladdin and The Lion King, Desperate Housewives, The Game and The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody.

He has starred in Smart Guy, Kim Possible, Disney Channel movies Hounded, Poof Point, and the Showtime movie Seventeen Again.

His film credits include Are We Done Yet? and Bad Meat.

A gifted singer and dancer, Mowry has worked on numerous videos, with such talent as Michael Jackson, Prince and Mariah Carey. He has appeared as Oliver Twist in the musical Twist.

In 2003, Mowry left Hollywood to play college football on a full scholarship at Savannah State. Two years later, he came back to California, after he realized he missed his first love, acting.

Mowry continues to go to college part time at Pepperdine University, majoring in Merchandising.

In his spare time, Mowry likes hanging out with his friends, watching independent films and college football.

Mowry resides in Marina del Rey, CA.
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