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S1 E20 Revolution

22:12 | 05/24/10 | TV-14 | CC

The cheerleaders get ready for a sexy car wash fundraiser. Chastity is worried that the other cheerleaders are plotting something. Bianca and Chastity plan to fake a fight so the other girls will trust Bianca and confide in her. The fight spirals out of control and Chastity gets kicked off the cheerleading squad. In protest for Chastity, Bianca and Dawn quit the squad as well. Chastity announces that if she is not head cheerleader, then she is going to leave Padua. Kat and Blank compete for the attention of the college admissions officer from Brown. As they try to one up each other, Kat announces her intentions to run for student body president opposite Blank. Cameron helps Kat produce a campaign rap video. Blank's friend, Tabitha, sabotages Kat by releasing a video out of context where Kat bad mouths the kids at school. When everyone else turns against her, Patrick is there for Kat. They get back together and make love. Bianca watches Joey on his reality show and sees him getting close to another girl.  

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