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S1 E15 The Winner Takes It All

22:38 | 04/26/10 | TV-14 | CC

Everyone gets ready for the Padua High talent show. All focus is on Bianca, who is usually the star of the show. Kat is jealous of Bianca's attention and agrees to help Cameron perform his magic act. Chastity steals Bianca's idea to sing the song "Kids in America," but when her equipment malfunctions and her mother (Shari Headley) doesn't believe that she can do it; Bianca suggests they sing the song as a duet.  Kat gets stage fright and Cameron's magic act bombs. He musters up the courage to sing the song "My Girl" that proved to be a traumatic experience for him at a talent show in junior high. In the end, Joey Donner wins the talent show with his Kalinka dancing and wins the grand prize of a walk-on role on "Make It or Break It."

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