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S1 E12 Don't Trust Me

22:07 | 04/05/10 | TV-14 | CC

Walter and Kat fight about whether or not Patrick will be a bad influence. Walter invites Patrick to dinner as a way to get to know him better. His secret plan is to actually use the dinner as an opportunity to break them up. Before Walter even gets the chance, Kat & Patrick pretend to be a love sick couple. Walter predictably freaks out and Kat begs him to trust that she knows what she is doing and that he raised her well. Bianca works to repair her friendships after revealing that she and Joey are a couple. Chastity gives her the ultimatum to break up with Joey if she wants to keep her friends. Bianca plans to break up with Joey, but soon realizes that true friends would not make her choose. Even though Chastity still objected, the other cheerleaders apologized and came to Bianca's side

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