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S1 E11 Da Repercussions

22:36 | 03/29/10 | TV-14 | CC

Bianca is terrified Chastity will find out that she kissed Joey and knows Chastity won't stop looking until she finds out who it is that betrayed her. Bianca asks Joey to steal Cameron's keys to the AV room during gym so she can erase the tape of them making out. Joey gets caught in the act and asks Cameron to help out as a favor to Bianca. As a result, Cameron gives the tape directly to Chastity to scare Bianca but erases Bianca's identity to protect her. Cameron tells her that the girl he fell in love with wouldn't put his reputation at risk in order to secure her popularity.

Feeling terrible Bianca admits to Chastity she kissed Joey and then runs away escaping her fate for the day. After their defiant motorcycle ride off school property Kat is momentarily stoked for fighting the system, but soon deflates when reality sets in that she has been suspended. Kat and Walter duke it out and Kat tells him she was trying to protect a "poor kid" who was having his bag searched (instead of telling him the truth that she was protecting a motorcycle riding bad boy).

Realizing that being suspended will result in a zero on her English test, Patrick helps her break into school to take the test. When they are caught sneaking back in, Walter defends Kat to the principal only to find out that the "poor kid" is Patrick Verona.

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