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S1 E10 Don't Leave Me This Way

21:45 | 09/08/09 | TV-14 | CC

It's the Monday after the big bash, and Kat's suddenly infamous. Bianca, on the other hand, suddenly wishes no one knew her. As they sit in the Padua High parking lot before school, she miserably confides in her big sister about that accidental, super quick, didn't REALLY happen kiss with Joey. Joey's making matters worse by being stealthy, and by stealthy we mean completely suspicious. It's really a good thing you're pretty, Joey. Also, Chastity picks today to make Bianca a cheerleader for good. Hello, guilt trip!

Before Patrick can get too much fun out of not telling Kat what she said to him on Saturday (she doesn't remember a thing), she's off on her next crusade. The school has installed security guards and metal detectors at every entrance. Also, they're switching to uniforms. Kat's not about to have her First Amendment rights violated, so she immediately gets a petition together and starts planning a walkout with Mandella by her side. Patrick walks out when his locker gets picked for a random search.

Chastity's broken up with Joey. She tells Bianca and the girls he was just too possessive after what happened at the party (she was flirting with college men, remember?). Bianca tries not to act too happy. She also gets Cameron to talk to her, sort of. She really wants to go back to being friends (he's her best one, after all), and he agrees to try. But Michael overhears and, as soon as she's gone, he slaps Cameron upside the head with an "Are you kidding me?" He thinks dude needs to man up and get over her before he embarrasses himself.

Kat takes her civil liberties cause to the principal's office. Principal Holland is (kinda) sympathetic but says her hands are tied. If you want to get the policy lifted, you'll have to go to the superintendent aka Chastity's dad. Kat thinks she'd have a better chance negotiating peace with Kim Jong Il, but she's determined.

When Joey asks Bianca out to dinner, she thinks it's a way bad idea. She even pulls him into a broom closet to tell him so. Guess what happens while they're in there? Mucho smooching!

Kat plays Chastity like a violin, focusing on the uniforms issue. Chastity says she's already cried real tears to her dad, and it didn't work. Kat thinks he'll listen if the school stages a walkout ... and hey, most popular girl in the history of Padua High, who else could get the whole school to do something? Well done, Kat!

At the protest, Patrick gets everybody's attention as Kat begins to speak earnestly about freedom. But everyone's completely bored, so Chastity rallies them with a cheer. Joey sneaks Bianca out of the crowd for more smooching, and Chastity catches them, sort of. She can't tell who the girl kissing Joey is, but Cameron can: He gets an unhappy eyeful from up close. Before Chastity can investigate, though, her dad calls to hear her demands, and yay! No more uniforms! But the security stays. Boo for Kat. No one else cares, except Patrick and Mandella.

Bianca's planning to come clean to Chastity about Joey, but before she can utter a peep, Chastity tells her how upset she is about the mystery make out girl. (Wait, didn't you break up with him?) Bianca decides now might not be such a good time to admit anything. Chastity enlists her help to scan the school's security tapes and find the trashy blonde's identity, and Bianca agrees. Uh oh. She goes to Cameron for advice, but he's rethought his "just friends" plan. He says he needs time to get over her.

Patrick is keeping vigil next to Kat and Mandella, who've padlocked themselves to a tree in protest of the security rules. That's when Walter shows up. The principal called him with a threat to suspend Kat. Dad says it's time to let it go and learn to pick your battles. He's worried she'll damage her chances of getting into Brown if she keeps this up. She buys it at first, but when Patrick and Mandella both turn their backs on her in disappointment, she changes her mind and walks out of school ... and straight onto the back of Patrick's bike.

For once in her life, Kat has no idea if she's doing the right thing, but she's OK with that. Patrick makes her put on a helmet, and they roar off.

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