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S1 E07 Light My Fire

22:00 | 08/18/09 | TV-14 | CC

Kat's dancing around in her bedroom, singing along to a song, when Patrick materializes at her window, Edward Cullen style. Yow! He says he's got something to tell her but gets distracted by her box of vinyl. They were her mom's, she says, and he's impressed ... but then Bianca wanders in. She's thrilled to discover her sister's breaking rules. But before anyone can get busted, Walter screams "fire," literally. Patrick disappears, and the Stratfords get out of the house. The whole neighborhood is being evacuated due to brush fires in the hills.The town gathers at the high school to wait it out. Everyone else is wearing normal clothes, but Walter didn't give the girls time to change. Oops. Bianca's in some seriously silly flannel PJs. Before she can complain much, a pregnant woman and her friend rush in and it's Walter, Super Ob/Gyn, to the rescue. Bye, daddy.

The cheerleaders have taken over a classroom and are clustered around Chastity, talking about what they'd miss most if they lost their houses. Bianca gets the most sympathy: She'd lose every photo of her mom. All the girls flock to comfort her, leaving Chastity alone ... upstaged. Pretty soon, the others go off to find their parents, leaving Bianca an opportunity to bond. Chastity teases her with the possibility of a squad slot ... and then sends her away to find hot cocoa.

In the makeshift infirmary, Walter's telling the pregnant woman it's just stress pain nothing to worry about. But he's getting examined too, by her divorced friend. Uh, yes that IS a wedding ring he's still wearing ... SEVEN years later. But no matter ... the flirting is on.

Civic minded Kat is handing out water bottles when she sees Patrick slink into the building. A sharp older woman catches her staring and tells her she's got it bad. Kat ignores her. Patrick approaches, still intent on telling her something important, but he gets intercepted by his latest squeeze. She wants to know what it was that Patrick wanted to tell HER. Kat's disgust looks a lot like disappointment.

Chastity's fortress has been invaded by a huge Russian family, and Miss Privileged is not happy. Bianca thinks they're adorable, but Chastity orders her to get them out. Bianca hesitates, until Chastity reminds her how close she is to making the squad.

Bianca begs Kat to open another classroom for her and Chastity, but Kat says no way. They squabble, and then Kat sees Patrick go through a door marked "Roof Access." He catches her eye before the door shuts.

Vivian the divorcee produces a fancy bottle of wine and some paper cups. She and Walter talk briefly about their exes, and then she offers to help him create an online dating profile. They're hitting it off.

Back in the USSR, Chastity refuses her new neighbors' hospitality. She tells Bianca to move them NOW. Bianca suggests it's a cultural growth experience. They should embrace it! But Chastity's in meltdown mode and makes a stupid comment about Bianca's mother. Bianca does have a line, and Chastity's finally crossed it. She calls Chastity a bitch and tells her nobody likes her. A shocked Chastity runs out in tears.

Up on the roof, Patrick and Kat are having a moment. Witty banter ensues, and Patrick moves in for a kiss. The sparks are bigger than the fire in the valley below! He ruins it by telling her what he'd come to say earlier: "You're not like other girls, all needy and clingy. We can kiss and it's no big thing." Wait, what? Did he just call Kat easy? He tries to backpedal and fails miserably. She storms off.

Bianca finds Chastity, who wants to know if what she said is true. Bianca can't lie at this point and tells her yes, she uses people. Chastity points out Bianca's using her too, to get on the squad. Bianca apologizes and, upon request, Chastity does too, kinda. She also calls Bianca her best friend. Run, Bianca!

Just as Cameron's about to turn himself in (he thinks his model rocket started the fire), the fire is declared contained. The real arsonist is in custody. As relief spreads and the crowd leaves, the nosy older lady tells Kat her "boyfriend" left her something. Kat, still furious, goes to see what it is: It's her mom's vinyl. He went to her house and rescued it! Awwww. Kat drives her sister and dad home, since he's had a little too much to drink. They're all feeling kinda warm inside.

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