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S1 E05 Don't Give Up

21:52 | 08/04/09 | TV-14 | CC

Ah, the end of another day at Padua High. Kat's trying to play it cool in the parking lot as she waits for Patrick to pass by. She's got an apology for him. Stabbing someone in the foot and getting him detention? Yeah, you're probably right, Kat. Patrick accepts her apology but thinks it's safer to keep his distance. Kat tries hard to not look disappointed.

Bianca's one step closer to cheerleader. Jonelle pulled her Achilles tendon, and suddenly there's a spot open on the squad! Bianca tries to act concerned, but Kat's not buying it and calls her a hypocrite. When Kat's car backfires, though, Bianca asks her who the real hypocrite is as she drives away in her giant Volvo shaped carbon footprint.

The next day, Mandella gives Kat an idea to end her eco blues convert the car to biodiesel. Kat can't believe she didn't think of that and decides to do the conversion herself.

Cameron tries again to let Bianca know that he's so totally not gay. She nods when he tells her he has a crush on her, thinking he just hasn't figured out his gayness yet.

Bianca jumps straight into the butt kissing, but Chastity lets her know right away that the only way she's making the squad is if she gets Joey a B in chemistry, since he's about to be kicked off the football team for academic reasons. Bianca reluctantly agrees.

Kat tells Walter her plans for the Volvo. She's downloaded a manual from the Internet, so what could go wrong? Her dad warns that if she breaks this one, she's not getting another.

Cameron needs a plan to sweep Bianca off her feet. (Un)luckily, Michael has one. He thinks Bianca and Cam just need a big screen movie moment together. He suggests Cameron get wet and shirtless somewhere Bianca can see him, and then just plant one on her.

Bianca's got her work cut out for her in chemistry class the next day. Joey's a sweet guy, but he has the attention span of a fruit fly, so she invites him over to study after school.

Kat pulls into the school auto shop, ready to get to work. The guys in the shop jump right into harassing her; even the shop teacher chimes in. She ignores them and goes looking for a crowbar to get started. When she finds one lying next to a pair of legs poking out from under a nearby vehicle, she asks to borrow it. Guess whose it is? Patrick's (of course!).

Joey and Bianca are hard at work after school: Bianca on chemistry, Joey on his Zoolander moves. He's not that interested in playing sports anymore: He really wants to be a male model. Bianca realizes he's serious about it and decides to show him her Dream Book (a life plan with hearts and unicorns drawn in the margins) to inspire him.

Back in shop, the guys start a pool, thinking Kat will never get the job done. She puts 20 bucks against them all, and it's on. But Patrick's not helping in the least by taking off his shirt after she spills oil on him.

The Dream Book works its magic on Joey, but now he's more determined than ever not to play sports. He wouldn't wanna mess up his good looks, right? Before Bianca can counterattack, she knocks over a soda on him. As she goes to throw his stuff in the wash, he answers the door and finds a wet and far less buff Cameron on the doorstep. Cam totally gets the wrong impression and leaves before Bianca even knows he's there. But then Walter shows up and kicks Joey out of the house too.

Back in the shop, things aren't going so well. As the guys leave for the day, Kat's still there. She gives the car a kick and whoomp! The engine falls out. Luckily, Walter shows up with dinner. He gives her a pep talk and then promises to stay with her all night and finish the job.

Cameron's done with pining for Bianca. Michael gives him a rubber band for his wrist just snap it every time she comes to mind. He swears it worked for Jen when she left Brad. Cameron's not convinced, but he'll try anything at this point.

Chastity corners Bianca, livid. Joey's quitting football! Say bye bye to cheering. Bianca convinces him to get back on the team by reminding him of David Beckham's career. Joey can get behind that; also, he has a Dream Book of his own now. Awwww. Bianca's on the squad!

The next morning, the shop boys show up to find a smug Kat and her completely converted car. They pay up, but with a respect they didn't have the day before. Patrick watches with admiration as she drives away.

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