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S1 E03 Won't Get Fooled Again

21:52 | 07/21/09 | TV-PG | CC

Kat and Walter are playing Scrabble. Well, Kat is; Walter's got his eye on the clock as it counts down to 10pm, Bianca's curfew. Where is that girl? Bianca bursts in just after 10 with a good excuse, but Walter lovingly puts her through a sobriety check and sends her off for a urine test before grounding her. Kat watches, a little envious of the attention. Father of the Year ... or serious control issues? You decide. (She's clean, BTW ... this is Bianca we're talking about)

Another day at Padua High begins. Patrick corners Kat at her locker because he has something to show her. She's a little alarmed at what that could possibly be, but then gets distracted by a glimpse of his perfect abs as he takes off his hoodie. He wants to show her that they're both wearing Filthy Souls tees. And hey, did you know they're playing tonight? Kat didn't but does her best to not let on. He sees right through her and tells her where the show is and that she needs a fake ID to get in.

Bianca's got her own gig tonight but seems to have forgotten she's grounded. The swim team's having a party, but she doesn't know where. She's crushed that she wasn't invited. Cameron, still as lovestruck as ever, decides to get her the deets. After a sneaky trip to the swim team locker room, he gets the intel Bianca needs. But he's also spotted holding some dude's Speedo.

It's creepy trips to boys' rooms all around as Kat gets Mandella to help her score the fake ID. They sneak into the boys' bathroom to see The Wizard. Kat forks over $60 and a passport photo, and later there's a shiny new ID taped to the inside of her locker. If ever a Wiz there was!

At dinner, Bianca's dressed like a nun and tells Walter she has Bible study later. He reminds her she's grounded and also, cut the crap, missy. Bianca comes clean, and Walter decides she can go to the party, but Kat has to take her. Except that it's Kat's turn to play sneaky daughter tonight: She says she's going to a film festival. Dad doesn't even blink before saying OK. He tells Bianca he'll just have to take her. She'd rather die alone, apparently, and goes to her room to pout.

Before Kat leaves, she stops by Bianca's room, feeling guilty about ditching her. But what's this? Bianca's already snuck out! Kat decides not to tell dad. Guilt over her own lie is getting the better of her.

Bianca and Cameron take a cab to the party ... except there's no party. Bianca forgot the rule about the decoy party! Abandoned by their cab and cashless, they start walking home a "feat" made difficult by the fact that Cameron had to give up his shoes to pay the cab fare.

Over in clubland, Kat's fake ID works! Inside the show, she scans the crowd for a certain dark head and, after a near miss with a lesbian who looks like Patrick from behind, he sneaks up on her. Sparks fly as the show starts and they give in to the music. A slow song begins, and Patrick crowds into Kat's space, daring her to do something about it. Before she can, her phone buzzes. It's a 911 text from Bianca. Kat sighs and puts on her big sister pants.

Kat to the rescue! The girls get to fighting, and Cameron gets to puking in the backseat. He's not so good with closed spaces. Before Kat can claim the high horse, Bianca spies the "Over 21" stamp on Kat's hand and dives for her purse, looking for Kat's fake ID. A HA!

Bianca blackmails Kat into helping her sneak into the house, but there's one problem: Dad's already onto Bianca. Upset that Kat's getting away scot free, she tries to tell Walter where her sister was but can't bring herself to do it. As Bianca storms off to the bathroom for the usual tests, Kat decides to come clean. Walter pockets her ID and sends her up for her own round of testing. Bianca smiles at her, sister solidarity strong between them.

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