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played by Jolene Purdy
Character Biography
Mandella is Kat's easily alarmed, graffiti scribbling goth pal. She helps show another side of high school a side that isn't all about popularity and pom poms. She was Kat's first friend at Padua High, and that'll always mean a lot to both of them. She may have been too quick to fear Patrick, but she's always there when Kat needs her. But as Kat and Patrick get closer, where will that leave Mandella?
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Actor Biography
Talk about getting off to a great start! Jolene made her screen debut in the cult film "Donnie Darko," which starred Jake Gyllenhaal. She went on to appear on TV's "Boston Public" and "Judging Amy," and had a recurring role on the Fox TV hotel comedy "Do Not Disturb." Jolene also appeared in January 2010 on the pilot of a new show called "Gigantic," about the kids of celebs.
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