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Kat Stratford

played by Lindsey Shaw
Character Biography
A feminist with a razor sharp tongue, Kat possesses a strong sense of self and a keen scorn for the trappings of high school. She does have a softer side under that tough exterior, though a fact she keeps closely guarded. She's made a name for herself at Padua High and, at the same time, she's gotten past her own defenses and Patrick's to find a deep connection. Will their flame burn bright or burn out?
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Actor Biography
Lindsey Shaw takes on the role of Kat Stratford, a feminist with a razor sharp tongue, a strong sense of self and a keen scorn for the trappings of high school. She does have a softer side under that grizzly exterior, though a fact she keeps closely guarded. The role of Kat was originated by Julie Stiles in the 1999 hit movie, "10 Things I Hate About You."

Pleased by the parallel between herself and her very first TV character on "Ned's Declassified School Survivor Guide,"Shaw proclaims that she and Moze subscribe to the same "can do" credo. "We both say, 'Know what you want and go for it!' I love that she is driven, and I relate to that," says the unstoppable actress who cut a show biz path from her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, through Omaha, Kansas City, Dallas, New York and Los Angeles.

The daughter of a bookkeeper accountant and a personal trainer, Shaw took center stage in day care and the lead in a string of grade school plays, before a Lincoln talent agency's radio announcement of a mass audition grabbed her attention in fourth grade. She won representation there and embarked with her mom on regular commutes to Omaha and Kansas City for commercials and print ad modeling. Dallas beckoned a couple of years later with an Agents' Expo, and 11 year old Lindsey signed with a New York agency and set off for a summer in the Big Apple.

Culture shock notwithstanding, the experience was a clincher. "The auditions and the whole 'get up and go' atmosphere were exhilarating. I decided I really wanted to pursue a career and absorb all I could," says Shaw, who voiced a radio spot for the U.S. Open and posed for print ads before she and her supportive mother headed for Los Angeles three months later at the behest of a Kansas City agent based there.She studied hard several times a week with acting teacher, Jeremiah Comey, who referred her to her manager. She did several commercials before landing her first big break on "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide." Then, after four seasons on "Ned's," she landed a series lead in "Aliens in America" for the CW, followed recently by lead roles in two independent features.

A self described "people person," Shaw enjoys volunteer work, spending time with her friends and traditional Afternoon Tea as well as solitary pursuits such as reading contemporary novels John Grisham is a favorite author writing, surfing the Internet and re organizing her desk and drawers. "I thrive on change," she says. "Los Angeles and New York are very cool, and I'm still avidly in love with Nebraska and a huge Cornhuskers fan. It's fun to balance everything."
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