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  • 11:00am
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    Lorelai is angry when Rory tells Emily about their home's termite damage.
  • 12:00pm
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    Mindy sets Danny's mom up on a blind date, but its success leads to complications.
  • 12:30pm
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    Mindy's efforts to help Peter with his living situation complicate her relationship with Danny.
  • 1:00pm
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    Van's parents invite him to move back home -- under certain conditions.
  • 1:30pm
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    Van failed his history mid-term and Reba is tutoring him; Kyra gives up clarinet for a cute boy.
  • 2:00pm
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    A photograph leads Reba to believe that Brock was cheating on her much earlier than she thought.
  • 2:30pm
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    Neglected girl develops extraordinary mental abilities.
  • 4:35pm
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    The Addams Family
    Gomez, Morticia and their ghoulish household are prey to a scam involving long-lost Uncle Fester.
  • 6:40pm
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    Addams Family Values
    The Addams' new nanny targets Uncle Fester's fortune.
  • 8:50pm
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    Hocus Pocus
    Halloween trick-or-treaters come face to face with three witch sisters from the past in Salem, Mass.
  • 11:00pm
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    The 700 Club
    Are you at risk for heart disease? Learn how to protect your heart from America's No. 1 killer.