Freeform Shows Schedule

  • 12:00pm
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    A run-in with an ex-boyfriend has Mindy questioning her relationship with Danny.
  • 12:30pm
    On Now
    When Mindy gets an opportunity to start her own practice in California, she struggles to tell Danny.
  • 1:00pm
    On Now
    Reba tries to persuade Brock's doubting bride to continue with the wedding.
  • 1:30pm
    On Now
    Reba tries to reconcile with Van.
  • 2:00pm
    On Now
    Villain Chad shows up to ruin a group camping trip.
  • 3:00pm
    On Now
    The Middle
    When Sue wears an embarrassing costume to a Halloween party, she turns to Mike for advice.
  • 3:30pm
    On Now
    The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    A wizard trains a reluctant protege to help him fight a powerful adversary.
  • 5:40pm
    On Now
    Dark Shadows
    Vampire Barnabas Collins escapes from his tomb after 200 years and returns to his family estate.
  • 8:20pm
    On Now
    Sleepy Hollow
    A Colonial-era constable probes a series of grisly decapitations in an upstate New York hamlet.
  • 11:00pm
    On Now
    The 700 Club
    Protect your heart and learn about the side effects of medication.